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Luis Roldán

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Libro Luis Roldán

The work of Luis Roldán (b. Cali, 1955), already occupies a prominent place in the current plastic landscape, it is solid and consistent: one-step to another, without abandoning the media he is using, but if beyond all borders. In his drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, installations and video; there are few materials, objects or themes that escape his eye.

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Titulo Alternativo : periplo : una retrospectiva, 1986-2016

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  • Gabriela Rangel
  • Juan Sebastián Cárdenas
  • Carmen María Jaramillo


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"Catalogue of an exhibition that celebrated the 40th version of the Salón Nacional de Artistas, presenting a retrospective review of the modern history of art in Colombia, and how the political and social transformations and changes have been linked to the local art production. First organized in 1940 as part of the cultural policies during the historic period known as La Republica Liberal (1930-1946), the Salón became a consolidated cultural space that now allows a better understanding of the art production in Colombia of the second half of the 20th century. Includes works by participant...

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