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Chanze - Simply

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Libro Chanze - Simply

Life took me by unexpected paths, as a child I dreamed that the sky was an ocean of infinite crystal. And today I still feel it or thinking like that ... here I leave my love, my forgiveness, my pain, my passion, my devotion, my secrets, my ailments, my experiences. Hopes, failures, dedications, dreams of my imagination ... or creation ... whoever reads with his heart will feel identified. I started writing at age 17 for my first lost love ... that eternal and pure feeling that will never give up our hearts ... I admit that I also did it to fall in love. I never imagined that writing, feeling desires to win at the time was magical ... either on top of a mountain, facing the sea, hidden in my room, or a dawn of work ... you feel that you enter a vortex where only you are , the pen and the heart distilled ... detach from the world at times ... stop your clock in your temporary space. What starts as a hobby, game or entertainment is linked in an impeccable pastime. Each letter has its name, date, time, year, thus emphasizing the moment more blunt ... although it does not mean that they appear in total chronological order.

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Número de páginas: 160

  • Esteban Francisco Cuatrin




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