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The Bilingual Fairy Tales Princess and the Pea

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Libro The Bilingual Fairy Tales Princess and the Pea

In the beloved tale The Princess and the Pea, the princess must prove that she is dainty enough to marry the prince! Children will eagerly continue reading to see if the princess can sleep on top of 20 mattresses. This title, retold in English and Spanish, is an excellent skill-builder for reading and foreign language comprehension. Between the covers of this 32-page book is a classic tale of magic, imagination, and inspiration that delights children again and again. The stories in this series capture children's interest and spark their imagination page after page. With captivating illustrations, this 8" x 8" book can inspire a lifelong love for literature and reading

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Titulo Alternativo : La Princesa y el Guisante

Total de páginas 32


  • Carol Ottolenghi


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