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Aviones y otras aeronaves

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Libro Aviones y otras aeronaves

Explains the basic science of flight, the problems of getting vehicles into the air, different types of engines, and aircraft design, and includes instructions for making aircraft models.

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  • Nigel Hawkes




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Cynthia Ann Parker

Libro Cynthia Ann Parker

Cynthia Ann Parkers family moved to Central Texas when she was about nine years old. A year later, a large force of Comanche warriors attacked Fort Parker and seized Cynthia Ann and four other captives. The other four were eventually released, but she lived among the Indians for 25 years, immersed in the Comanche way of life. Though given a number of opportunities to go back to her white family, she always chose her life with the Comanche, choosing instead to stay with her husband and children. She eventually returned to white society as an adult.

Ositos (Little Bears)

Libro Ositos (Little Bears)

This series will capture the attention of ELL students with its irresistible, full-color photographs of young animals in their natural habitats. The Spanish text uses authentic language to describe animal characteristics and life cycles. Each chapter includes a question-and-answer feature about the animal's behavior and physical traits, while a two-page "animal profile" at the end of each book provides quick facts about the animal's size, senses, habitat, and animal relatives.

¿Qué significa ser programador? (What's It Really Like to Be a Coder?)

Libro ¿Qué significa ser programador? (What's It Really Like to Be a Coder?)

Coders are one of the reasons our computers, tablets, and smartphones can do things we couldn't have even imagined just a few years ago. It's no surprise that coders are in high demand right now and that isn't likely to slow down. Readers will learn about the basics of coding and how to turn their creative ideas into reality on the computer screen. They'll also understand why coding will become even more important as technology continues to grow and change. Colorful photographs showing the roles and education of a coder provide readers with an easy way to envision themselves in this...

Que pasa en mi cuerpo? Libro para muchachas

Libro Que pasa en mi cuerpo? Libro para muchachas

Escrito por una educadora profesional y su hija en un estilo reconfortante y acertado, ¿QuÉ pasa en mi cuerpo? El libro para muchachas brinda consejos sensatos y directos sobre los cambios de forma y tamaÑo por los que pasa el cuerpo, el estirÓn de crecimiento, el desarrollo de los senos, los Órganos reproductivos, el ciclo menstrual, los vellos corporales, la dieta y el ejercicio, las sentimientos romÁnticos y sexuales, y la pubertad en el sexo opuesto. TambiÉn incluye informaciÓn sobre la anorexia y bulimia, las enfermedades de transmisiÓn sexual, el sida y los mÉtodos...

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