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¡Supervivencia! Océano (Survival! Ocean) 6-Pack

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Libro ¡Supervivencia! Océano (Survival! Ocean) 6-Pack

What do you do if you find yourself stranded at sea? This useful, Spanish-translated nonfiction book gives readers the information they need in order to survive at sea. With essential tips and instructions, helpful diagrams and images, a bibliography, and a list of other useful websites, readers will learn everything they need in order to survive--from the dangers of hypothermia, what to do if there's only saltwater available, and other useful survival skills. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan.

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Jane Goodall (Spanish Version) 6-Pack

Libro Jane Goodall (Spanish Version) 6-Pack

Jane Goodall had a passion to learn about animals. Readers will learn all about her adventurous life among chimpanzees and other primates in this inspiring, Spanish-translated nonfiction biographical title. Children will be fascinated by the vibrant images, stimulating facts, and accessible glossary that will assist in vocabulary improvement. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan.

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En el juego: La vida de un atleta (In the Game: An Athlete's Life) 6-Pack

Libro En el juego: La vida de un atleta (In the Game: An Athlete's Life) 6-Pack

Do you have what it takes to be an athlete? In this Spanish-translated nonfiction book, readers learn about the hard work, athletic training, and dedication that athletes from all sports and levels go through to be healthy and successful. Readers are familiarized with concepts like coordination, endurance, and athletic motivation. Along with stunning photos and charts and riveting facts, this nonfiction title includes an interview with a real-life Olympic athlete and an accessible glossary, index, and list of useful sources. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan.

Rondas, Poemas y Jugarretas

Libro Rondas, Poemas y Jugarretas

These poems speak about the nature of the Chilean countryside, of its animals, its aromas, and its stars. These are verses that invite us to direct our gaze from the Earth to the sky, from the smallest things to the most magnificent. The rhymes and poems compiled in this anthology introduce children to the works of Gabriela Mistral, and allow them to enjoy this poetry that is "infused with heart" by the only female Latin American author to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Poemas que hablan de la naturaleza propia del paisaje chileno, de sus animales, de sus aromas y de sus astros. Versos...

Los caminos a California (Trails to California)

Libro Los caminos a California (Trails to California)

How do you truly engage students in learning history? When students make personal connections to the subject, they're much more motivated to learn. This Spanish book provides firsthand accounts of history that give personal insights into historical events. Introduce students to California's early settlers including John Bidwell, Jim Beckwourth, Jedediah Smith, Sarah Royce, Charley Parkhurst, Kit Carson, the Donner party, and more. With a visually appealing layout, this book features captivating text, fun facts, sidebars, and time lines that help students grasp the essential concepts they need ...

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